Angelika Love’s Conversations is a podcast featuring conversations between Angelika Love, social psychologist and social integration researcher, and integration practitioners: entrepreneurs, activists, and academics who, in their unique ways, are building bridges across rifts in society.

On this page, you can find out more about each guest featured on the podcast. To listen to all episodes and to find out when the next season launches, please subscribe!

“In-depth conversations with Angelika are not only effortless, but I also find them personally enriching and truly worthwhile. Angelika listens with compassion and great care for detail and, by asking well-placed and insightful questions, is able to turn unstructured thoughts into stories worth telling.”

Helen Willis (Season One)

Season 3 (2022)

Bonus Episodes (November 2020)

General Sir Peter Wall on Leadership

Season Two (November 2020)

Season One (May 2020)

Robi Gorna on a Campaigner’s Career

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