Angelika Love

I am a social integration and diversity researcher and consultant. Whether in academia, through collaborations with NGOs, local government, the Armed Forces, or as a volunteer: I am passionate about bringing together people who want to learn from one another, are ready to grapple with diversity, and believe that a team can be greater than the sum of its parts.

In 2020, I completed my doctorate in social psychology at the University of Oxford. In my research, I use large data sets to try to understand friendships across group divides, and combine survey and social network analysis to study both individuals and their social environments.

Data matters. However, I believe that the personal stories of people standing at the fault lines dividing our societies and building bridges across those divides, can add tremendous depth to our data-driven understanding of the social world.

That’s why I not only publish in academic journals and speak at research conferences, but also record a podcast featuring one-on-one conversations with social integration practitioners.

I champion the marriage of Data and Doing. Because integration is a behaviour, not simply a thought.



Angelika Love’s Conversations is a podcast featuring conversations between Angelika Love, social psychologist and social integration researcher, and integration practitioners: entrepreneurs, activists, and academics who, in their unique ways, are building bridges across rifts in society.

On this page, you can find out more about each guest featured on the podcast. To listen to all episodes and to find out when the next season launches, please subscribe!

“In-depth conversations with Angelika are not only effortless, but I also find them personally enriching and truly worthwhile. Angelika listens with compassion and great care for detail and, by asking well-placed and insightful questions, is able to turn unstructured thoughts into stories worth telling.”

Helen Willis (Season One)

Season One

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Why Diversity Improves Decision-Making

What is it about diversity that improves decision-making and performance, and how can leaders harness diversity in their organisations? That is the question Tom Gash, CEO of the decision-making consultancy Leapwise, and I recently grappled with in a blog that was published in Public Finance, the magazine of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy. This is an extract; you can read the whole piece on the Public Finance website and find all the associated academic references on the Leapwise website.

Escaping the Echo-Chamber During Lockdown

Radio has always fascinated me. When I recently cleared out my childhood bedroom, I re-discovered an old cassette tape featuring the product of an afternoon’s play with girlfriends: a home-recorded radio programme – which, lacking a cassette player, I have yet to listen to again. Radio works, in part, because it is such an intimate medium. The truly skilled presenters sound as though they are speaking to us directly. But during a lockdown, radio and podcasts have gained another significance: they add to our cavernous echo-chambers the experiences and voices of others.

It’s About People, Not Tech: Analogue Education Shaping Citizens Of An Algorithmic Era

Did you catch 2018’s most memorable demonstration of media illiteracy? When a white-haired US Senator asked Mark Zuckerberg how Facebook’s business model could be sustainable if Facebook was free, teenagers around the world buried their heads in a collective ‘facepalm’. The generational divide, culminating in Zuckerberg’s almost kindly reply, “Senator, we run ads”, is nothing new. Given the pace of technological change, will today’s educators quickly require an ‘update’?


Does your organisation or audience need to understand how to unleash the hidden potential of diverse teams? Would you like to better understand the psychology of organisational culture and how it drives success?

A social psychologist by training (PhD), I speak on the psychology of teams to provide fresh, highly tailored, engaging insights that will change the way you think and work!

To organise talks, webinars, or my contribution to your expert panel, you can contact me directly via this website.

Topics I speak on include the following:

Making (the most of) the difference

How team diversity does (and doesn’t) improve performance

Silos, brokers, hidden potential

Approaching organisational culture like a social network analyst

‘Society’ happens not just on weekends

How social experiences at work shape how we show up in the world (and why you should care)

Let’s apply what we know!


I am available for freelance consulting roles, select speaking engagements, interviews, and article commissions. Please note that I am based in Germany and able to work with you both in English and in German. Upon request, I am happy to provide you with a detailed CV and references.

I would also be delighted to hear from you if you would like to discuss your work on social integration and the possibility of appearing on the Angelika Love’s Conversations podcast.

Please use the contact form to get in touch!

“Angelika has a bright mind, with a huge capacity for deep and engaging conversations with high powered stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. Her empathy and carefully honed communications skills make her an impressive member of any team.”

Robin Gorna

“The design of survey tools and analyses conducted by Angelika Love and her colleagues formed the backbone to our impact report and were extremely impressive and insightful.”

Antony Hawkins

“At St John’s College Oxford, Angelika has been able to create a supportive space for aspiring leaders to network while exploring, sharing and practicing new skills. She approaches any role with an open mind and willingness to listen, reflect and learn.”

Alice Purkiss