Dr Ed Newell (Season 2)

Dr Ed Newell. Ed is the Chief Executive of Cumberland Lodge, an educational foundation dedicated to facilitating productive debate on big societal questions. At Cumberland Lodge, Ed brings together leaders across industry, politics, NGOs, and faith communities – people who are often tackling the same challenges but rarely get the opportunity to exchange views or collaborate.

Like many of my guests on this podcast, Ed is wearing many hats. He originally trained as an Economist and was an Economic Historian at Nuffield College Oxford before becoming an Anglican Priest and later the Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral. When he isn’t hosting educational conferences, Ed is probably recording new episodes for the BBC Radio 2 programme Pause for Thought or writing books on faith and economics.

In this conversation, we discuss practical tips for facilitating constructive debate, how to disagree well, and even ethical investment banking. If you would like to learn more about hosting helpful conversations across social divides, then this episode is for you.

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