Guest Podcast: In conversation with Dr Margaret Heffernan

I had the pleasure of hosting the inaugural episode of a new podcast, Life Perspectives, by the educational charity Cumberland Lodge. In this conversation, I sit down with academic, business woman and author Dr Margaret Heffernan. We discuss leadership and diversity at the top and, in the spirit of the podcast, explore inter-generational differences.

Margaret Heffernan. Margaret is well-positioned to talk about leadership. She has founded and led multiple media companies; mentors several Chief Executives; has published popular books on the topic; and is currently Professor of Practice at the University of Bath School of Management.

In this conversation, we talk about “masculinity” and “femininity” in leadership, emotional intelligence, whether leadership can still be thought of as a three-legged stool, and how leadership is changing. What is her advice to young people looking to take responsibility? Listen to find out!

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