Aneel Brar (Season 1)

headshot Aneel Brar

Aneel Brar is the COO and co-founder of the Maternal and Child Health Clinic Mata Jai Kaur in Rajastan, India. Mata Jai Kaur provides free physical and mental healthcare for women before, during, and after pregnancy; women in a rural part of India who otherwise often would have no other access to healthcare.

In this episode, Aneel tells the story of how his grandmother’s death in childbirth inspired his work and what he has learned about global development and healthcare more generally in the process of developing Mata Jai Kaur.

Aneel’s multifaceted academic background – including biology, medical anthropology and international development – and his gift for storytelling make this an engaging and wide-reaching conversation.

If you are interested in the art (and the struggle) of putting research into impactful action, this episode is for you!

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